Create a CV with Quarto


David Schoch


July 17, 2023

This post was semi automatically converted from blogdown to Quarto and may contain errors. The original can be found in the archive.

In this post, I will introduce a few extensions for Quarto to create nicely looking CVs. Disclaimer: the underlying templates where not created by me but where adopted from these LaTeX templates for CVs and resumes and this modern Latex CV.

Creating the templates was quite straightforward (I wish I had time to write a detailed post about that…). I took the original tex files, renamed them to template.tex and replaced a lot of the hardcoded information with placeholders for the yaml header. If you are keen on learning how to create such a template compare the template.tex file with the original latex files and the the yaml header in template.qmd.

Since every quarto template needs to live in its own repository, I also created an overview repository which gathers all templates in one place. In total, I have implemented four templates (so far).


repository link

quarto use template schochastics/classic-cv


repository link

quarto use template schochastics/modern-cv


repository link

quarto use template schochastics/modern2-cv



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